About Us

Founded in 1998, Cal Dragon Boat is a competitive student-run dragon boat team at UC Berkeley that regularly participates in regional, national and international races. We are a diverse group of hardworking students studying various concentrations, ranging from medicine and engineering to rhetoric and architecture. We strive to make dragon boating more accessible to the students of UC Berkeley and recruit student-athletes twice a year. We are extremely proud to be one of the top college teams in the United States. Dragon boating is a water sport in which a canoe-shaped boat of up to twenty people paddle together in synchronized rhythm to make the boat move, emulating a soaring dragon. Usually, races are 200, 500 or 2000 meters in length. Dragon boating is traditionally observed during the Chinese Duan Wu festival. However, it is now a much more common year-round activity and is one of the fastest-growing sports throughout the world.

Our Friends

Cal Dragon Boat continues to develop with the help of our friends. They help subsidize our training and travel costs, allowing our paddlers to achieve more on the water.

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